Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Halloween Treats

Is it too early for Happy Halloween?!

I sure hope not! We have some great Halloween treats coming up for you that I'm excited to show off!

Vampyre Caravan 

Vampyre Caravan is an oxblood red jelly base with very fine gold and blue shimmer with a mix of copper metallic glitter accented by small blue metallic hex

An Evergreen's Taunt

Khaki green creamy jelly base with gold shimmer, neon green microglitter, small pale gold metallic hex, and scattered medium pale yellow matte hex. 

Finally, the last little Halloween treat is that we will be restocking small quantities of Lady of Raynham Hall!

Lady of Raynham Hall
Ethereal dove grey jelly with metallic gold sparks and spectral aqua blue shimmer

All three of these polishes will be available on Friday October 18th at 7 pm central. We have 50 bottles of each shade and those will be broken up over the next two restocks. Half of the stock (25 bottles) will be posted on October 18th and the second half will be posted on October 25th.


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