Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Winter 2013

Good afternoon! I have another mega post for you today; this time with swatches and information about our Winter 2013 collection that will be available on November 15th at 7 pm central in our shop.

This collection consists of 9 shades in a dusky winter palette. The first six shades are a mix of jellies and cremes and the final 3 are foil finishes.

Here we goooooooooooooo!

Cremes and Jellies

Your Fortress Fades - 3 coats

Khaki creme finish with gold metallic flakes and soft peach/yellow shimmer

Armor Falling Down - 3 coats

Dusty eggplant purple creme finish packed with metallic gold shimmer

Lidded Blue Flames - 3 coats

Rich slate blue creme finish with a mix of iridescent violet and metallic gold flakes

Sleep to Dream - 3 coats

Vampy wine jelly packed with yellow, copper, peach, and violet shimmers

Sink in the Silence - 3 coats

Deep brown jelly finish packed with red and gold metallic flake shimmers

Boundless as the Dark - 3 coats

Inky peacock blue base with a mix of violet, blue, gold, and teal shimmers

These polishes are a foil finish made up of a mix of metallic flakes in several colors, they are a larger particle size than your typical foil and the result is a much flakier foil finish. These are opaque on the nail in 3 coats. They lay much smoother than glitter but will require a coat of topcoat for maximum glassy shine!

Chalcopyrite - 3 coats

A mix of flakes in silver, red, and gold resulting in a rich copper foil finish

Graphite - 3 coats

A mix of flakes in silver, charcoal, and graphite resulting in a tarnished silver finish
Pyrite - 3 coats

A mix of flakes in gold, silver, and graphite resulting in an antique blackened gold finish
We hope that you all enjoy these shades as much as we do! They will be available in our shop on November 15th at 7 pm central.


  1. How does "Armor Falling Down" compare to Zoya's "Neeka"?

    1. I don't have Neeka to compare the base color, but I do know that ours has a more pronounced metallic gold shimmer and none of the pink shimmer that Neeka has, hope that helps!

  2. I just want to say that I love you infinitely for all of your Fiona Apple-themed polishes. :)