Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall 2013!

First off; let me show you how excited I am about these colors....

Now that I've had a moment to contain my laughter, let's move on to the real business!


We are proud to present Pahlish Fall 2013, inspired by the interplay of light and texture. This collection is made up of nine shades, including the debut of holographic polishes into our lineup!

These will be available in our big cartel shop on Friday October 11th at 7 pm central. They will be priced at $9 per bottle and we will have a limited number of full sets available for $70

Shall we begin the tour? First stop; holos!
Blood of the Mountain 

A red holographic with a unique twist. I love a good red holo for fall and I decided to up the excitement with some eye catching gold and pink microflakes!

Garnet red holographic with gold and pink metallic microflakes; 3 coats

Moon Like a Spotlight

Inspired by a bright, full moon reflected over water this shade is a combination of holographic in the sun and rich blue shimmer in the shade. 

Ocean blue holographic with blue microflake shimmer; 3 coats

 Olea Europaea

Blackened olive is my current top pick for fall, the holographic finish is just the icing on the cake...or should I say the pimento in the olive? =D

Blackened olive holographic with gold shimmer; 3 coats

Kalanchoe Luciae

This polish is a tribute to my very favorite plants: succulents. I love the range of colors that these unique plants showcase and I wanted to find a way to capture that in a bottle!

Medium green scattered holographic with faint gold shimmer and red metallic flakes; 3 coats

Stop two, glitters and shimmers galore!

El Topo Petit

The word taupe comes from the French word for mole. We were inspired by that to create a polish that evokes the unique shade and sheen of their fur. A glistening fall coat for your nails!

Smoky taupe creme packed with tiny red metallic flakes; 2 coats

Badwater Basin

This shade was inspired by panning for gold. I knew that I wanted to capture the contrast of the sediment laden water against the shine of gold. We ended up going with copper because we felt it was more evocative of raw, unrefined gold. Wild West in a bottle!

Medium warm taupe jelly with hints of copper and olive accented by tiny gold microflake shimmer; 3 coats

Mountains Beyond Mountains

My goal with this polish was to capture the fascinating texture of granite. I love how it has that layered look when you get up close and I wanted to capture that with this shimmering mix of flakes!

Dusty grey jelly with faint red shimmer and a mix of sterling silver microflakes and charcoal flakies with blue and red iridescence; 3 coats

Black Lace Elderberry

For this shade I drew inspiration from some of the giant leaves in our yard that are faded from deep plum to burnt orange. The red metallic flakes give this a glow that really comes to life in lower lighting.

Vibrant purple jelly packed with red metallic flakes, small orange metallic glitter, and scattered holographic orange hex; 3 coats 

Fleur de Sel

And last but not least, my personal favorite. This polish was inspired by raw unrefined pink salt. We've recently been reading a book about the history of salt here at Pahlish and have been fascinated by what we've learned. This Pahlish is a mix of various flakes intended to mimic the crystalline structure of salt!

Blush white jelly with a mix of microflakes in red metallic, shimmering white, and iridescent violet; 3 coats

Fleur de Sel macro

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  1. can't wait til Friday! definitely have my eye on several of these ;)