Friday, May 2, 2014

Wood Between the Worlds & Castle by the Sea Duo - May 2014 releases

Summer has finally arrived at Pahlish headquarters! Today we have the first official swatches of the May 2014 duo and our first summer collection "Wood Between the Worlds"

Wood Between the Worlds

This collection consists of 8 shades inspired by my recent reread of the Chronicles of Narnia. This was my absolute favorite book series as a kid and I've read them so many times I've lost count. I've been working on this collection for some time getting it just right and it is finally ready!

This collection and the May Duo will launch on Friday May 2nd at 7 pm central time in the
Pahlish Shop!

Stars at Rest
soft blue creme with flakes of turquoise blue shimmer, scattered turquoise blue metallic glitter, and matte watermelon hex 

Lantern Waste
sandy nude crème with soft red-gold flake shimmer and scattered coral and watermelon matte hex

Sunless Sea
Springy mint green crème with gold microflakes

Shallow Lands
Soft greige-taupe crème with lavender, taupe, and gold flake shimmers

Strawberry crème with a mix of bright pink and iridescent charcoal flakies

Bright lavender crème with soft lavender-gold flake shimmer and matte lagoon blue glitter

Nine Names
Sherbert orange crème with a mix of red and soft gold flake shimmer

Cauldron Pool
Bright turquoise crème with soft blue flake shimmer and a mix of metallic and holographic violet and teal glitters

Castle by the Sea

The Castle by the Sea Duo consists of two polishes:

Dawn Treader:
Clear topcoat with a mix of turquiose and teal dots and squares with scattered navy shimmer, and matte lagoon blue hex

Lone Islands: 
Dusty robin's egg blue crème with a mix of three different blue microflake shimmers

Friday, March 28, 2014

April Duo Extravaganza and Elevation Guest Duo!

Hi all! So I know that you're all very excited and curious so I'm going to cut straight to the important info!

April Restock Information

For the month of April we're doing things just a little differently. Instead of a full collection this month we wanted to celebrate the year anniversary of our monthly polish duos. For April only we will be restocking our shop with all of the past duos from this year! These will only be available during April and once April ends they will be discontinued permanently!

Available April 4th, 7 pm central time
This includes the following duos, links lead to swatches:

Now for the info that I know you've all been waiting for!

April Duo Featuring Elevation Polish
We wanted to do something special for April to celebrate the year anniversary of our duos. The duos are something that I really love doing each month and I knew this one had to be big. So big that I enlisted the help of my very favorite polish maker and good friend Lu from Elevation!

Lu and I have worked together in the past but never in the same room. She was gearing up to take her April vacation and we seized the opportunity to really sit down together and work side by side. Lu made the long journey from Minnesota to visit us here at Pahlish headquarters and chaos ensued! She took the Pahlish team camping which is another story all together! =P

Lu and I worked side by side to formulate this duo based on our current shared obsession with soft colors and subtle sparkle. Our names are unconventional but we wanted them to really be true to our shared sense of humor and our polish making romance that we sometimes like to share with our fanbases!

Without further ado, here are the fruits of our labor! <3

"Budding Bromance Duo" 

Romance: Light and airy grey with copper microshimmer and blue and green shimmer

Bromance: Clear topper with winter white squares and hex, sparse matte grey glitter, scattered red-green shifting flakies, in a soft holographic shimmered base

  April 4th, 7 pm central time

These will be spread over the April restocks and will be restocked in limited quantities on April 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th at 7 pm central at

Swatches coming soon!


Monday, March 3, 2014

"Timeless Flight" Swatches and March Duo!

Hello all!

We have a very special post for you today! We have the first official swatches of our Elton John inspired collection "Timeless Flight" as well as the first swatches of the March Duo "Don't Hesitate"

Timeless Flight is a collection of six holographic shades inspired by the lyrics and iconic fashions of Elton John! This collection will be available on March 7th at 7 pm central time. We will offer these shades as individual colors and as a set.

Timeless Flight 
Swatches courtesy of Samarium's Swatches!

Electric Boots

Bright cornflower blue linear holographic with soft gold shimmer and scattered gold flakes

Mohair Suit
Linear taupe holographic with soft red and violet flake shimmer

Zero Hour; Nine AM
Peacock teal-green holographic with blue, green, and gold shimmer

Switchblade and a Motorbike
Turquoise blue holographic with heavy gold shimmer

The Tune She Hums
Coral-pink holographic with violet-blue glass fleck shimmer

Whiskey From a Bottle of Wine
Saturated lavender purple holographic with teal and bronze shimmer

 March Duo - Don't Hesitate
Swatches courtesy of Ida Nails It!

This duo is on that is very special to the Pahlish team! As many of you have heard by today, the Pahlish team celebrated our wedding on Saturday evening! This duo was inspired by the lyrics of Peter Frampton's "Baby I Love Your Way" which just so happens to be our song. <3

Shadows Grow So LongSoft lavender cream with purple, lavender, iridescent gold, and scattered iridescent charcoal flakes

Fireflies Under the PinesTopcoat with satin lavender dots, lavender metallic glitter, and caramel metallic glitter accented by lavender-gold flake shimmer and iridescent purple hex

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Ashes of the Colors

If you guys are familiar with Pahlish then you know that we just cannot resist a holiday when it falls on a Friday! Keeping with that tradition, I have something special to share with you today.
The Ashes of the Colors

Available on Friday February 14th at 7 pm central
Unlimited stock available until Saturday February 15th at 11:59 pm central

This polish will not be available again after 11:59 pm on Saturday February 15th!

Clear based topcoat with a mix of glitters including wine, gunmetal, matte pale grey, matte pale pink dots, and fuchsia dots accented by scattered rose microglitter and violet shimmer

This polish will be listed along with a full restock of the February Duo and All of Time and Space parts I & II at 7 pm central time on Friday February 14th

Thursday, February 6, 2014

All of Time and Space: Part II

All of Time and Space: Part II & February Duo

When: Friday February 7th @ 7 pm central time
Where: Pahlish Shop

Hi all! 
Today's post is going to be all about Part II and the February Duo. If you missed it you can find the post about Part I here.
We will be restocking these together as individual bottles and as two separate 6-piece sets. These shades will be restocked throughout February and March along with Part I.

All of Time and Space: Part II

Cross my Hearts

Oxblood red jelly with red metallic and iridescent violet flakes along with a subtle warm purple shimmer

This Song is Ending

Rich turquoise cream with soft red metallic shimmer

The Oldest Question

Opaque neutral grey jelly with a mix of metallic copper hex and gold circles set against a rich coppery shimmer

My Bespoke Psychopath

Rich purple jelly with a strong liner holographic finish with an accent of rich red metallic flakes

Raggedy Man, Good Night

Very dark charcoal (almost black) holographic finish with a mix of rich copper shimmer and violet iridescent flakes (the shimmer is much stronger in person on this polish)

Crimson, Eleven, Delight, Petrichor

Delicate creamy pink base with a mix of neon coral, neon pink, watermelon, and fuchsia glitters in a mix of matte and metallic with an accent of shimmery red flakes

February Duo:

The Primary Order & The Crucible
Inspired by the Dalek Armor

The Primary Order
Delicate concrete grey jelly with charcoal and bronze flakes

The Crucible
A mix of metallic glitters in copper, gunmetal, and gold accented by iridescent bronze shimmer and iridescent copper glitter

Monday, December 30, 2013

All of Time and Space: Part I

All of Time and Space: Part I
January 3rd @ 7 pm central

Today's post is one that I'm very excited to share with all of you! As you know we've been working on a Doctor Who inspired collection for awhile now. We had so many good ideas and colors that we've decided to split this collection into two parts! This post will contain the swatches and shade descriptions for Part I which will be released on January 3rd. Part II will be released in early February with swatches being released throughout January.


Mad Man With a Box

This shade is one that you may recognize from our Black Friday preview sale. =)

Dusky navy blue jelly loaded with vivid blue duochrome shimmer and rich gold metallic flakes

Bad Wolf
  Soft mushroom taupe creme loaded with reddish violet shimmer and flakes

Lullaby Without End

Vivid coral red jelly that leans pink with soft shimmer and blue metallic glitter accented with iridescent orange hex

Forest of the Dead
Deep green jelly base packed with coppery metallic flakes and bright green duochrome shimmer

The Ghost Shift

Darkened silver holographic with gunmetal grey and iridescent purple microflakes that pop out in lower lighting, while the holographic effect is stronger in bright lighting

So Not Married!
Deep black jelly base packed with intense red shimmer and rich gold flakes

Whew! Now I bet that some of you are wondering....where does this leave the Janury Duo?? 

The January Duo is also Doctor Who inspired, of course!

One Last Bow 
The "One Last Bow" duo consists of two shades:

Eleven's Hour is Over Now 
 Dark charcoal grey jelly packed with iridescent flakes in a rainbow of colors accented by soft silvery shimmer

The Clock is Striking Twelve's 
Clear topcoat with a mix of gunmetal and holographic gunmetal glitters accented by small black hex and small matte gray squares with a dose of iridescent rainbow flakes